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In one of my projects, I have tons of units and functional tests. To speed things up, I set my configuration like this:

1 class Test::Unit::TestCase
2   self.use_transactional_fixtures = true
3   self.use_instantiated_fixtures  = :no_instances
4 end

In my tests, instead of accessing @bob, I now have to do:

1 def test_party_is_destoryed
2   party = Party.find(@parties['bob']['id'])
3   party.destroy
4   assert party.destroyed?, "Party wasn't marked destroyed"
5 end

Works, but isn’t this very verbose ? So, I created myself a little helper::

1 def party(fixture_name)
2   Party.find(@parties[fixture_name.to_s]['id'])
3 end

All great and dandy. I wanted to share with the community, so I started digging into fixtures.rb to implement it. Much to my surprise, this already exists:

1 class Test::Unit::TestCase #:nodoc:
2   def self.fixtures(*table_names)
3     table_names = table_names.flatten
4     self.fixture_table_names |= table_names
5     require_fixture_classes(table_names)
6     setup_fixture_accessors(table_names)
7   end
8 end

So, I guess I’m going to send a documentation patch instead of code !

UPDATE 1 (Oct 18, 2005): Well, would you look at that, this is all documented in the Class: Fixtures (See the last paragraph under Using Fixtures)

UPDATE 2 (Oct 25, 2005): Rails 0.14.1 is pre-configured like that. In fact, Mike Clark wrote Faster Testing with Rails 1.0 to explain the new behavior.


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