This article is obsolete because it uses features that were replaced many times over. If you want an HABTM selector widget, look at MultipleSelect by Daniel Rodríguez Troitiño.

I just wrote another plugin: habtm_helper_plugin. This plugin will generate HTML code to manage has_and_belongs_to_many relationships.

What does it look like ? See here:

HABTM generated manager

Release 0.1.0 is up for grabs, in one of four ways:

  • svn propset svn:externals vendor/plugins WARNING: Destructive if you already set other externals
  • script/plugin
  • svn export vendor/plugins/habtm_helper/tags/0.1.0
  • Download

Full documentation in source. If you want to know, the filter was developed using RSpec. I wrote a lenghty article on my experience using Behavioral Driven Design at Building a plugin on RSpec

The project is hosted on OpenSVN. The project and Trac wiki/bug database is available at the habtm_helper_plugin project home page.


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