At the last Montreal on Rails, I presented Piston. James Golick is taking care of the videos, and I promised I would put the files up. Here they are, at long last. As soon as I have a link for the video, I’ll put it up here.

The files which I used to do the presentation are 2:

Marc-André got my only hard-copy of the cheatsheet, authographed by yours truly. Way to go Marc !

The presentation went rather well. Probably due to some parsing issues, the slides didn’t look that good on Keynote, and Carl’s machine had trouble switching slides fast enough for my talk. I was surprised at the many questions from the group. Thanks for your time everyone. I really appreciated seeing you there.


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I am François Beausoleil, a Ruby on Rails and Scala developer. During the day, I work on Seevibes, a platform to measure social interactions related to TV shows. At night, I am interested many things. Read my biography.

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