Via The Weekly Squeak, I found a link to a new Seaside tutorial. The Software Architecture Group of the Hasso-Platter-Institut implemented a todo application tutorial Seaside.

The tutorial is very complete:

Extern resources like images, css or javascript do belong to a proper website as well. Chapter seven contains the possibilities you have with Seaside and their pros and cons. Up to now, the whole application is only practicable for one time, afterwards all values of the user are forgotten. This problem of the persistence is treated by the eight chapter which, next to it, presents three different possibilities in detail. … In the nineth part the focus is put on an additional library which makes it possible to implement Ajax in Seaside Websites. with the integration by Lukas Renggli offers an easy and simple way to create your own Website in the style of Web 2.0.

Go and read it. Very good !


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