I recently hit upon the Enhanced Migrations plugin by Revolution on Rails. Works great when you develop on branches. The #dump_schema_information method of ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::SchemaStatements only dumps the most recently migration file. Since each migration is now a separate entry in the migrations_info table, we can’t report only the latest one.

To this end, I generated the following diff:

 1 $ svn diff vendor
 2 Index: vendor/plugins/enhanced_migrations/lib/enhanced_migrations.rb
 3 ===================================================================
 4 --- vendor/plugins/enhanced_migrations/lib/enhanced_migrations.rb       (revision 7767)
 5 +++ vendor/plugins/enhanced_migrations/lib/enhanced_migrations.rb       (working copy)
 6 @@ -58,8 +58,8 @@
 8  ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::SchemaStatements.send(:define_method, :dump_schema_information) do
 9    begin
10 -    if (current_schema = ActiveRecord::Migrator.current_version) > 0
11 -      return "INSERT INTO #{ActiveRecord::Migrator.schema_info_table_name} VALUES (#{current_schema}, NOW())" 
12 +    select_all("SELECT * FROM #{ActiveRecord::Migrator.schema_info_table_name} ORDER BY created_at, id").map do |migration|
13 +      "INSERT INTO #{ActiveRecord::Migrator.schema_info_table_name} VALUES(#{migration["id"]}, '#{migration["created_at"]}');\n"
14      end
15    rescue ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid 
16      # No Schema Info

Hope this is useful for other people.


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