I needed to send E-Mail as part of my work on XLsuite, and I had problems with HTML E-Mail. I know, I know, it’s preferable to have plain text and all, but user requirements being what they are…

So, anyway, long story short, it didn’t work. I just can’t use the multiple views with content type embedded in them, as the HTML’s text is written from the user interface. So, I turned to the trusted Google, and found an older article on court3nay website How to send multipart/alternative e-mail with inline attachments. The essence of the trick is to use a multipart/related part, and embed the HTML content inside this part. Enjoy !


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I am François Beausoleil, a Ruby on Rails and Scala developer. During the day, I work on Seevibes, a platform to measure social interactions related to TV shows. At night, I am interested many things. Read my biography.

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