Why should you switch to Defensio instead of Akismet ? Because of this:

The Mephisto interface, when interfaced with Defensio shows the spaminess of each comment, as well as use different shades of orange to show spammy comments
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Defensio provides useful statistics to the blogger. A typical response would look like:

1 ---
2 defensio-result: 
3   message: ""
4   status: success
5   signature: awnc057e1a132p1jj3t4x
6   spaminess: 0.7
7   api-version: "1.1"
8   spam: true

Notice how Defensio returned the spaminess and a signature ? The signature can be used to retrain Defensio. When a false positive or negative comes through, the Defensio API simply accepts a series of signatures, and will retrain itself. Since the signature is a short-hand for the whole comment, all of the data is available for retraining: IP, author email, author name, comment’s body, etc.

It is not obvious from the screenshot above (as I mostly get spammy comments), but there are actually many shades of orange to highlight the spaminess of comments. Lighter shades are non-spammy, and darker ones, spammier.


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