Now that I’ve had a good change to play with Git, I’m ready to implement Git support in Piston. This will involve a couple of refactorings. I can see 4 cases currently:

Repository Working Copy Strategy
Subversion Subversion Use current strategy of storing data in Subversion properties
Subversion Git Clone the Git repository, copy the files over and store the metadata as Subversion properties. Use Git to handle the merging for Piston (Yay!)
Git Subversion svn export the data and use a hidden YAML file to store the metadata in the pistonized directory
Git Git Use Git submodules perhaps ? Or git clone + copy + YAML

I have no idea how git submodules work, so I can’t really say that I will be handling that last case in the most efficient manner. I’m planning on having completed this work by the end of next week (March 14th). Stay tuned for details !


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