Gregory Brown, of Ruby Reports and PDF::Writer fame, wants to quit his job, sort of.

Here’s a crazy idea I just had, and I’m wondering what folks think about it.

People do open source for a lot of reasons, ranging from pragmatic to idealistic. …

What if I could just do open source for a while, non-commercially?

How much would it cost for me to do at least 80 hours a month of development on software projects such as PDF::Writer, Ruport, and some other projects I wish I had the time to get my hands on?

I did the math, and the number came out low (subjective). I could meet all my expenses and save some money for about $2000 a month. Basically, if 200 people donated $60 right now, I could take 6 months off and do nearly 500 hours of work, and that’s only if I didn’t find myself obsessed with and doing extra hours on a project.

Gregory Brown, in I’d love to quit my job!

Gregory started a Wiki where he documented his proposal. Head on over to the Ruby Mendicant for the details.

Finally, if you’d like to donate (like I did !), head on over to pledgie:

Click here to lend your support to: Ruby Mendicant and make a donation at !


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