I just received 2 contributions from Josh Nichols:

  • New —repository-type option on piston import to force the repository backend to use (instead of letting Piston guess), and for cases where Piston is unable to guess: ea958dd;
  • Test suite reorganization: 1cef7b6 and 9cfa8f3

Both contributions were accepted and are now part of Piston’s master branch. Thank you very much, Josh, for your work.

If you want to help, do not fear !

1 $ git clone git://github.com/francois/piston.git
2 $ # make changes
3 $ git commit
4 $ # fork piston's repository
5 $ git remote add github git@github.com:YOURNAME/piston.git
6 $ git push github master
7 $ # Send me a pull request


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