Well, the competition is started, but I can’t access my account. I use Technorati as my OpenID provider, but Technorati won’t let me grant RailsRumble permission to read my profile.

Error: You do not have permission to authorize this url. Please sign in to the appropriate account.

Yee ha! The wonders of OpenID! But the saddest fact is that I did authorized RailsRumble at Technorati at least once, since I could sign in and register.

Who said OpenID solved all problems? If I had an account at RailsRumble, this wouldn’t be a problem…

Anyway, that won’t prevent me from kickin’ asses!


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I am François Beausoleil, a Ruby on Rails and Scala developer. During the day, I work on Seevibes, a platform to measure social interactions related to TV shows. At night, I am interested many things. Read my biography.

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