During the RailsRumble, we really had to guard against future creep. Jamis summarized it well in Beware of future creep

First, never implement more than you need to. That sounds harsh, in a grasshopper-and-the-ant kind of way, except it really isn’t. It isn’t a mandate to slack off, it’s a command to do what you know. Implement the feature you’re working on, not the feature you hope will land someday. Keep it simple, keep it minimal, and keep it real.

Jamis in Beware of future creep

While pairing with Daniel, it happened to us a couple of times when he or I would say “What does our story say already? Oh, let’s add a story for later”. That was really the essence of the competition. Delay anything (features, infrastructure, what have you) that could be delayed.

We’re really excited about What Does this Error Mean? and the way it panned out. Happy voting !


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