You know, I write controller tests day in, day out. I’m used to seeing this:

1 should "be valid"
2   assert assigns(:user).valid?
3 end

So, when I write a Rake task and I render some data, I need my assigns:

 1 namespace :ssl do
 2   task :build => :environment do
 3     rm_rf "config/sites/"
 4     mkdir "config/sites"
 6     Dir["config/ssl/*"].each do |path|
 7       site = File.basename(path)
 8       parts = site.split(".")
10       puts "Processing #{site}"
11       assigns = {
12         :wildcard_domain           => parts[0] == "_",
13         :domain_name               => parts[-2..-1].join("."),
14         :ssl_key_file_path         => File.expand_path(File.join(Dir.pwd, path, "#{site}.key")),
15         :ssl_certificate_file_path => File.expand_path(File.join(Dir.pwd, path, "#{site}.crt"))}
17       next "Skipping #{site}: #{assigns(:ssl_key_file_path)} does not exist or is unreadable" unless File.file?(assigns(:ssl_key_file_path))
18       next "Skipping #{site}: #{assigns(:ssl_certificate_file_path)} does not exist or is unreadable" unless File.file?(assigns(:ssl_certificate_file_path))
20       view =[File.dirname(__FILE__)], assigns)
22"config", "sites", "#{site}.ssl.conf"), "w") do |site_config|
23         puts "Writing config/sites/#{site}.ssl.conf"
24         site_config.write view.render("ssl.conf.erb")
25       end
26     end
28     view =[File.dirname(__FILE__)], {})
29"config", "sites", "default.conf"), "w") do |site_config|
30       site_config.write view.render("default.conf.erb")
31     end
32   end
33 end

Can you spot the error on lines 17 and 18? Go on, I’ll wait…

You want some help? Here’s the backtrace:

 1 ** Invoke ssl:build (first_time)
 2 ** Invoke environment (first_time)
 3 ** Execute environment
 4 ** Execute ssl:build
 5 rm -rf config/sites/
 6 mkdir config/sites
 7 Processing
 8 rake aborted!
 9 undefined method `assigns' for #<Object:0x389a0>
10 /Users/francois/Documents/work/xlsuite-stable.svn/lib/tasks/ssl.rake:17

Yes, took me a while too. I was calling a method named assigns, not using the Hash named assigns.

Habit, when you take hold of me…


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