It’s been a long time coming, I know. Believe me when I say so. But the good news first:

  • Piston 2.0 supports Git repositories and working copies
  • Piston 2.0 supports Subversion repositories and working copies
  • Piston 2.0 is Ruby 1.9.1 compliant

Get it

(Allow a couple of hours for the gem to propagate)

1 $ sudo gem install piston

What is Piston?

Piston eases your vendor branch management worries. It copies vendor/upstream code into your own repository, preserving local patches.

The new website

Yes, I have a new look to go along with the website.

There is also an avenue for asking questions and getting help about Piston. Register to the piston-discussion Google Group

Please have fun and enjoy yourselves.

NOTE: This is not an April’s Fool joke (although it would have been really cool to do it if I had thought so!)


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