My name is François Beausoleil, and I live in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada. I was born in 1973, and that makes me more than 30 years old !

I started coding in the early 80s on an Adam, from Colecovision. I then upgraded to the Commodore 64, diverted through the Amiga 2000HD (with a 40 MiB HD, no less !), and then I started my way onto PCs.

In early 2005, I made the plunge, and started my own company: International Technological Solutions. In late 2009, I received an offer from Bloom Digital Platforms Inc., a former customer.

I’m also the “head honcho” of the Montreal.rb user group. We meet every 3rd Tuesdays, except in the summer.

If you meet francois on freenode, it’s probably me. If you want to send an E-Mail, feel free to use


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I am François Beausoleil, a Ruby on Rails and Scala developer. During the day, I work on Seevibes, a platform to measure social interactions related to TV shows. At night, I am interested many things. Read my biography.

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