I have a work-in-progress branch for using Digest authentication with ActiveResource.

So, how did I do it? It wasn’t too hard actually. When I spiked, I changed ActiveResource::Connection#request to handle authentication itself. I ended up with a big mess: a new rescue clause, 10 lines of code to calculate the digest and so on. But I knew it would work. So, I git checkout . and started with tests, as it should.

The way ActiveResource is built, if a username / password is sent in, ActiveResource will send those automatically in an Authorization header, using the Basic authentication method. I need a way to turn this off. Thus grew #use_basic_authentication= and #use_digest_authentication=.

Next up, actually being able to calculate the Digest. A quick search turned up code by Eric Hodel in the form of a Ruby module: An implementation of HTTP Digest Authentication in Ruby

After a bit of cleanup and rewriting, I have a branch of ActiveResource that’s ready to be commented on. Please see francois/ar_digest and leave comments there.

An example of using Digest would be:

1 require "logger"
2 require "activeresource"
3 require "pp"
5 ActiveResource::Base.logger = Logger.new(STDERR)
7 ActiveResource::Base.site = "http://adgear.local/api"
8 ActiveResource::Base.user = "francois"
9 ActiveResource::Base.password = "my-funny-new-password-which-you’ve-never-seen-before"
10 ActiveResource::Base.timeout = 30
12 # Don’t attempt Basic authentication, but be sure to use Digest
13 ActiveResource::Base.use_basic_authentication = false
14 ActiveResource::Base.use_digest_authentication = true
16 class Site < ActiveResource::Base
17 end
19 pp sites = Site.find(:all)

This work was sponsored by Bloom Digital Platforms, as part of my work on their AdGear API.


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