DreamHost had a teensy little problem with their billing system. Specifically, Josh Jones ran his biller for a couple of days in 2008, when it should have been 2007. The biller dutifully ran along and billed all the customers that hadn’t been billed yet as of December 2008.

That’s OK, I can understand things like that happen. But what I like best is this:

If this/these erroneous charge(s) by us resulted in you having any sort of overdraft/bounced check/nsf fee from your financial institution, please contact our support team from the web panel. … When we get this, we will put money on your credit card equal to the amount your bank charged you, as well as give you a DreamHost account credit for the same amount on top of that.

Josh Jones in The Aftermath

Not only will they refund the charges, but they will also credit your account for the same amount. They didn’t have to do that, but it’s nice of them to do so.

I use DreamHost for mail and file hosting / backups. I don’t use them anymore to deploy Rails applications. But this is good service.


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