A couple of days ago, @jfcouture tweeted:

@cmercier People with stuff older than 6 months in the Rails world on their blog should do the same!

@jfcouture via Twitter

This was in response to Carl’s rant that obsolete Merb tutorials should be removed / deprecated.

I decided to follow their advice. I’m revisiting all my old posts and saying they are either obsolete, or providing links to replacements. Expect to see at least a post a day for the next couple of weeks as I revisit my old posts. This is interesting! I had forgotten about a lot of things I had written about.

Newshutch, an online feed reader, is closing. I have used their service for quite a while now and, sadly, they are closing. As the authors say in their We’re pulling the plug on Newshutch:

The main problem we’ve been facing is that none of us were passionate about Newshutch anymore.

Ah, passion… The key to everything. On projects I am passionate about, I will work 10/15 hours a day, and on others, I will procrastinate until the end of time.

No words yet on whether or not the source code will be open sourced, sold or anything else.

Now on Mephisto


Well, after a long time, I finally made the plunge. This blog is now running on Mephisto. The upgrade went rather smoothly (from Typo), following the instructions on Converting Typo to Mephisto.

Mephisto handles most redirects itself, so here’s my redirection section in config/environment.rb:


1 Mephisto::Routing.redirect "articles/?/?/?/?" => "$1/$2/$3/$4",
2 "articles/tag/?" => "tags/$1",
3 "articles/category/?" => "tags/$1"

I had to use Apache RewriteRule to take care of Typo’s feeds:


1 # Stick this in your .htaccess file
3 # Allow FeedBurner to index the site, but redirect everyone else to FeedBurder
4 RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedBurner
5 RewriteRule ^/feed.* http://feeds.feedburner.com/teksol [R=301,L]
7 # Redirect old feed URLs to FeedBurner
8 RewriteRule ^/xml.* http://feeds.feedburner.com/teksol [R=301,L]

And I finally changed my blog’s feed to FeedBurder. Subscribe to the new URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/teksol. I configured Apache to take care of it automatically, so you shouldn’t have to do anything to get your news reader to switch.

If you’re wondering, the theme is a slightly modified TerraFirma. View the theme at the Mephisto Themes Gallery.

With this change, I will also post more regularly, as my Typo installation was pretty unstable.

See ya !


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