I just posted about my problem with the English US keyboard not having a pipe character ? Well, I removed the French Canadian keyboard layout from my configuration, and now I have my pipe character back. That’s not very nice, since I won’t be able to type in French anymore, but at least, I can program again.

Thanks to dvorak keyboard layout but keyboard shortcuts are in qwrty for the idea.

I upgraded to Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon today. First impressions: not much changes. That’s on the surface, of course. The system came up normally, and I could start my applications.

There’s a new Screen and Graphics Preferences for setting up dual screens. Unfortunately, after 20 minutes I couldn’t get my second screen to come up correctly. I have other things to do, so I stopped playing with that.

On the downside, my keyboard layout moved some keys. I can’t put a pipe character (|) on the command line. That’s very bad for me: no Ruby block parameters, no Smalltalk temporary variable declarations, and certainly no command chaining on the command line.

All in all, I should have waited another month or so before upgrading. I’ll know better next time around. But I still love my Ubuntu Desktop, compared to the klunky Windows XP.


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