If you weren’t at Montreal on Rails 7, you really should have been there. Not because of me, but because Marc-AndrĂ© showed how Thin integrates with Rack, and coded a web framework in 15 minutes. Then, Julien Guimont demoed his Encrypted URL Helper. Very interesting stuff, if you need to obfuscate URLs.

Then, there was me. A quick demo of Google Charts, and this post to provide you all with the link to the mor7-google-charts-demo Git repository:


Go ahead and have fun. If you make significant changes, please contact me so I can pull your changes and push them back to the public repository.


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I am François Beausoleil, a Ruby on Rails and Scala developer. During the day, I work on Seevibes, a platform to measure social interactions related to TV shows. At night, I am interested many things. Read my biography.

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