If you’re in any way, shape or form like me, you usually have more energy in the morning (if you don’t, skip this post). My regular schedule puts me in my office around 9 AM every weekday. First thing I do is pop open Google Reader, and start reading blogs. What an utter waste of time… I waste perfectly good coding time to do an activity that’s similar to watching television. I can waste my time in the afternoon, when I have less energy. I say waste but I really mean relax. Don’t take me wrong: reading blogs is a very important time, but I should just do it when it’s OK to do, not when I have the most energy.

Yesterday evening, I was pondering on the why of the above. Turns out I can procrastinate just as well as anyone else…

Procrastination is like masturbation… it's good in the beginning, but in the end, you realize you've just fucked yourself

I was pairing with James Golick the other day, and he told me he was using iTerm in fullscreen mode. I was pretty excited by that, and I immediately downloaded and installed it.

I was already a Vim user, through the excellent MacVim, but I started using Vim from the console instead. My main screen is an Acer X243w, and with Vim in full screen, I have more than enough space to do all my coding. Splitting vertically is now a real pleasure, and I can even have a 4 way split that’s not too claustrophobic.

The other benefit of using iTerm instead of the default Mac OS X Terminal is that iTerm can be used in 256 colors, enabling Vim to do even more syntax highlighting. That wasn’t a problem in MacVim though.

Only caveat? Scrolling is a bit slow. Me and James both wonder about this…


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