Tearful Goodbye, by chaim zvi.

I had so much fun at RubyFringe that I don’t want to go! I’m in the Metropolitan lobby, and writing this. I almost have a tear in my eyes. What fond recollections I will cherish for a long time to come.

Thanks to the Unspace crew (Pete, Megan, Hampton and the others I haven’t thanked personally but who did an amazing job) for making this event.

This was my first conference ever, and it was great. As Pete said, I’m happy we took your conference virginity.

Photo by chaim zvi, Tearful Goodbye

For the first time ever, ragan crystallized why he didn’t like the original #andand implementation, or my own "implementation"http://blog.teksol.info/2007/11/23/a-little-smalltalk-in-ruby-if_nil-and-if_not_nil, #if_not and #if_not_nil and other implementations.

His point is that if you are writing a library, and you want to use the andand gem, you, the author of the library, will pollute the Object namespace of the application that’s using our library.

In effect, the library’s author dependencies will become dependencies of the application that’s using it, even though they don’t want or need the extensions.

The same problem happens with Mongrel and Thin : all the libraries these servers use are loaded in the application that’s running on top of them.

Thank you Reginald for clearing this up for me. I now fully understand the need for the Ruby.rewrite project.

Well, the first day is over. The talks were very interesting, especially Obie’s. Obie talked about how we should market ourselves / our company, and how to close deals. All of this essentially relates to a power balance between the lead / customer and us.

I was very impressed with the organization of the conference. One problem I had is the hackfest. We were in an art gallery, which is a very interesting place to be. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough power outlets for everyone. And the place that was offered for hacking was in a cinema room. “Kill Bill, Vol. 1” was playing, which is interesting, but it distracted us. Then the space was pretty minimal to hold the laptop.

Anyways, I’m enjoying myself very much. I was supposed to work on Piston, which I have barely started on right now. That’s what I’m going to do next.

Just in case you spot me in the crowd, here’s what I look like:

The Web 2.0 Fairy

Hope to see you there!

Because, I am ! RubyFringe is a conference held by Hampton Catlin, the creator of Haml. If you’re going, leave me a note and we’ll meet there !


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