I sometimes have to do sysadmin work, such as when I’m the sole technical person on a probject. When I need to keep a service running, I usually turn to daemontools. Daemontools was written by D. J. Bernstein, a mathematician and author of many UNIX utilities.

From daemontools’ home page:

daemontools is a collection of tools for managing UNIX services.

daemontools home page

What this means is daemontools is designed to run, and keep running, a service. Daemontools also includes other utilities which I find useful, such as setuidgid, envdir and multilog,. I searched for an article such as this, but couldn’t find it. If you find a factual error, please let me know immediately. If you have your own best practices, let me know so I can expand on the list.

Read the articles themselves here:


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